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Contains all the work for our Telematic Project (part of iDAT 101)

Here are the pages from my sketch book, these are all from when we were forming our telematic ideas. To see the brief look at the iDAT 101 entry for 4th Nov 06.

Coming up with ideas, I split the problem into two main categories to hep get the ideas flowing: natural processes and electronic processes. Clearly we went with natural processes.

Background Research:

It was suggested we look at Belgium conceptualist Wim Delvoye and his piece Cloaca. He manufactured an entire human digestive system which actually took in food and gave out waste. This was the perfect starting point for us! I also looked briefly at how other artists have depicted and represented the human digestive system, mapping it seems popular.

Breaking the Body Up:

I thought the best way to envisage the digestive system as a process was to break down the main stages of digestion and find out a bit more about them and to find imagery to do with them. I also wrote down as many words as i could that i felt were associated with the images and area of the body.



Translating the natural processes to more mechanical processes:

Here I’ve really tried to translate what we would do instinctively and naturally and how this can be a more mechanical processes.For example teeth would break food into smaller pieces so obviously we had to break the ‘food’ up using a more mechanical process, perhaps using scissors or tearing by hand. None of the processes are particularly sophisticated but they all mimic what really happens in a round about sort of way.




See entry on 22nd Jan 07 to see a photo montage of our making of the digestive system. I was really pleased with our group effort, almost all of us played equal roles. If someone had no previous knowledge of our ideas or background work we’d done before presenting our project i think they’d be able to tell exactly what process we were illustrating.

“Modelled the digestive system. Built an alimentary canal. Literally fed the image of a cheese burger and
chips into the model. Each person had a specific function to play. Could have been performed with more
precision but very effective and a real attempt to translate. 75 + “

Telematic Performance Photos

This is just a collage of all the photos taken while we were trying to make our digestives system.

We’ve been working towards our telematic for ages now and next week is the performances. We’re not sure at the moment whether to send an actual image i.e. photo down through our digestive system or some food?? We’ll decide that tomorrow. Right our digestive system consists of:
– Food: which gets either chewed up or torn up (depends)
– Oesophagus: a piece of plastic tube which the food slides down
– Stomach: a transparent plastic box containing a mixture of water and possibly food colouring
– Intestines: more plastic tubing roughly in the shape of intestines which the food slides through
– Poo: speaks for itself

Mike the lucky guy has been off in Brazil for the last couple of tutorials not really sure what he’s been up to over there!

I think the telematics are going to be filmed and put on you tube, if they are i’ll put up a link to them.

That’s pretty much our telematic performance – the process of producing shit. I really need to do some serious work inside my workbook though. Found out the workbook is worth a major portion of this years overall grade – aarrgghh!!

This week was really good, our group which is now Tom, Luke, James and myself came up (with a bit of help from Mike) with a brilliant idea for our telematic performance. We’re looking at the digestive system and the processes food goes through whilst travelling through the body. We haven’t decided on how exactly we’re going to represent this but we came up with quite a few good ideas!

Watch this space!!!